Monday, January 23, 2012

Apple Cake

Happy Monday!

Over the holidays, my mom asked me to compile our favorite recipes (new and old), into a cookbook for all of the ladies in my family.  My mom has a lovely collection of hand-written recipes written by her family and friends.  I scanned these recipes and added them to the cookbook alongside  a more legible typed version.

This apple cake recipe is from my Aunt Elsie (technically my paternal grandmothers cousin). :) I absolutely adore the light stains on this know it was used over and over again.

As with any recipe, you can adjust some ingredients to your liking.  I cut the sugar down to 1 CUP OF SUGAR and it's perfect!

Also, if you choose to bake this in a loaf pan, just extend the baking time until a cake tester comes out clean when put in the middle of the loaf.

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