Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Benefits of Local Honey!

Happy Tuesday!

About three years ago, my parents started "keeping" honeybees.  Within the past year, I too, have become highly interested in honeybees and assist them with theirs.  This past weekend, we attended a bee seminar and it only heightened my love for honey.  Honey and honeybees are amazing.  They have been "doing their thing" for a million years!

Some Benefits of Honey:

Allergy Protection
Contains Vitamins and Minerals
Digestive Aid
Cough Suppressant
Soothes Sore Throats
Topical Salve
Contains Antioxidants and Photonutrients

It is said that the most beneficial honey is local honey...so look into apiarists or stores that carry local honey.  (It is also said that children under one should not consume honey).

I personally use our honey in my smoothies, in my coffee, drizzled on 0% Greek Yogurt, in many of my recipes as a sweet element, in my tea and on minor scrapes and cuts (use in place of an antibiotic ointment).

Definitely research honey and all of its fabulous properties.



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